Youth Leader and Soccer Coach

Viento Fresco Foundations was born with the dream of bringing the love of Jesus to the most vulnerable children in Medellin Colombia. God placed us in Niquitao, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the city. But God didn't call us just to give them what they need, He called us to raise up a generation in the worst place in the city that is going to glorify His name and set up an example of what the transformational love of Jesus can do.

In Medellin, 27% of the children are in malnutrition, 14% of the families are in extreme poverty and most of them are from Niquitao. Last year, we had 755 children that had being abused. We desire to protect our children and give them a safe environment for them to grow in the love of Jesus, through our kids program. The kid's program provides 75% of their required daily nutrition, care through qualified personal, and psychosocial and spiritual follow up.

Also in Medellin, we have 1755 teenagers being recruit yearly for drug trafficking, which leads to drug abuse and dropping out of school. We desire to protect our teenagers, lead them to Jesus, and prepare them for their purpose. We do this through our sports program, where we have 100 teenagers being mentor by church leaders while they train and compete in soccer and volleyball.

Goers in this position will serve as a soccer coach, but also serve as a leader for the teenagers, showing them the love of Jesus and guiding them to their purpose. There is a huge need for Goers in this position because the sports program is growing really fast. Four years ago, we were only working with 25 teenagers but now we are working with 100, and there are more that want to be part of the program. We need people that love sports and want to raise up a generation for Jesus!

  • Experience as a soccer coach.
  • Technical knowledge of soccer.
  • Knowledge in nutrition is helpful.
  • Experience leading youth teams.
  • Teaching skills
  • Humility
  • Passion
  • Good relationship skills

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