Youth Center Game Outreach

Innsbruck, the capital of the Tirol province, is a beautiful university town in the Inn Valley. Surrounded by majestic mountains, lush forests, and the beautiful Inn River, Innsbruck has all the trappings of a big city, and yet it still maintains a small town feel. Sitting in the midst of the Alps, Innsbruck has hosted three Winter Olympics Games and still attracts sports enthusiasts year-round with its numerous hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, and snowboarding routes.

Despite having a cross on every mountain peak and a church at the center of every village, Austrians have very much lost true faith in Jesus Christ to religious tradition. Less than 1 in 200 Austrians profess a faith in Jesus Christ & His finished work alone! Though traditionally a Catholic country, probably less than 1 in 4 people has ever even heard the Gospel once in their lifetime. Alcoholism, superstition & occultism, bullying, depression & suicide are very visible effects of the spiritual poverty of this otherwise rich country.

Our team’s mission is to "Mobilize Austrians for Jesus." We are working to help Austrians not only to find Jesus, but also to find out how He is calling them to join in His work. A large part of this mission is helping to call out young Christian leaders, equip and train them and coach them as they begin serving the King. Our vision is to see Austrians, especially youth & young adults become "of righteousness…displaying the Lord’s splendor" who will "rebuild…renew…and restore" the spiritually ruined and devastated country of Austria (see Isaiah 61:1-4).

The team is heavily involved in the Lighthouse, a ministry center for youth. The center features programs such as after-school tutoring and a Friday night youth hang-out time. We also partner with Innsbruck City of Hope Initiative, a group of 7 churches that work together to meet needs around the city. This initiative works in diverse areas such as the youth center, homeless ministry, prison ministry, a prayer ministry among prostitutes, and refugee ministry. Additionally, we help put on evangelistic English camps every summer.

The Lighthouse Youth Center has been a great place to meet, help and share Jesus with youth since it’s opening in 2011. A key piece of this ministry is hanging out and playing with teenagers, the majority of whom are not yet believers. Wii games, Singstar, Foosball & Air Hockey and lots of cards and board games are staples of this ministry of building gospel relationships with these youth who so need Jesus! Besides gaming, we spend time at the Lighthouse cooking and eating with kids, making music, talking, praying and taking some special times to share testimonies & the Gospel in short, optional "mini-church" sessions. On Saturdays, a Christian youth group meets there. Our hope is to see not-yet-believers experience Jesus every time they step foot in the Lighthouse, connecting with Christian kids, the youth groups and churches and finding all they ever wanted and needed in Jesus!


Team member requirements:
Mature and flexible Christians with servant hearts who know how to work in a team environment, with a desire to reach and work with young people.

We seek those who want to grow deeper with Jesus and who have a heart for those who've never heard the Good News.

• ready & willing to get out and do evangelism/discipleship
• ready & willing to take someone along to mentor/train as they’re doing ministry.
• self-starters, who take initiative, set goals, plan their time well, get the job done (not needing constant supervision & "hand-holding")
• team-players, who work well with others
• ready & willing to learn German

Position specific requirements:
• love youth
• enjoy building relationships through games

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