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Youth and Young Adult Worker

Are you passionate about reaching out to young people and the unique life questions they face?

Athens, Greece is at a crossroads between Asia and Europe. Greece is a stepping stone for many from the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa hoping to find asylum in western Europe. Youth and young adults in the refugee community often go unnoticed. Like other teens they deal with life questions of identity and meaning, magnified by their experience of displacement and loss. They grow up in between cultures and are often the bridge between their family and the host society, holding responsibility beyond their years. In addition, they carry with them past traumatic experiences as well as narratives of distrust, conflict and generational trauma. However, young people also have strong resilience, endless interests and are eager to grow.

Local Greek youth and young adults are also experiencing a lack of community and connection.

We are passionate about seeing the lives of these young people transformed through the ways of Jesus, walking alongside them on their journey. We work towards community transformation by creating safe spaces for relationships, discipleship and empowerment. We share life together, talk about deeper questions and discover more of our God-given identity, while also thinking about what it looks like to work towards God’s vision of a restored and reconciled community. We also seek to involve the whole family in these conversations.

You can be a part of empowering youth and young adults to pursue growth and navigate life. This work centers around building relationships. This could look like: organizing classes and fun events, facilitating conversations about culture, visiting their families, tackling difficult life questions in mentorship conversations, teaching life skills such as peacemaking and health, and connecting refugee youth with Greek peers.


Experience in youth or young adult work is helpful but not essential.

Experience or training in the areas of peacemaking, mental health or cross-cultural work is a bonus.

Ability to take the initiative in pursuing relationships.

Being ok with a participatory, bottom-up structure.

A willingness to be adaptable, learn and be flexible with changing schedules.

A willingness to put relationships and people ahead of tasks.

Compassion and empathy.

A willingness to live, work and learn in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

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