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Workshop Facilitator

Santiago is located in the region of Galicia, the home of a distinct people, language, and geography that come together to create a unique culture. Santiago is the seat of the regional government, the home to an influential university, and a significant incubator of arts and culture.

For centuries, Santiago has been the destination of people walking the Camino de Santiago searching for answers, connection, and hope. Our work is Integrated Community Transformation in the heart of Santiago. We long to experience the Kingdom of God in our everyday lives, on earth as it is in heaven. We do this by joining others in their work and investing in what God has already created them to do so they can share it with others. We engage in community development alongside our local non-profit where we seek to love our neighbor through mental, physical, and spiritual means. We are sustainably integrating business with community impact so that the body of Christ can live out the way of Jesus alongside others.

The facilitated workshops bring together local needs with local resources to care for mental, physical, and spiritual needs. The Workshop Facilitator is responsible for designing, planning, and delivering engaging and impactful workshops tailored to address the specific needs of multiple people groups within the community as well as coordinating logistical aspects of workshops, including scheduling, venue selection, technical setup, and materials preparation.

As workshops are a foundational part of the mission and vision of APOTHECA, it will be vital to ensure the alignment of these workshops with not only the welfare of individuals but that of the community as well.


Do you love working with your hands? Come integrate work with community impact through workshops built on the kindness and care of Jesus. This role requires a dynamic and versatile individual who excels at creating a collaborative and interactive learning environment and one who is able to utilize effective facilitation techniques to create a supportive and inclusive learning atmosphere, encouraging open dialogue and active participation.

Collaborate with subject matter experts and stakeholders to identify learning needs and objectives for various workshops.

Design comprehensive workshop curricula, including instructional materials, activities, and assessments, ensuring content relevance and alignment with organizational goals.

Develop engaging and interactive learning experiences using a variety of instructional techniques and multimedia resources.

Foster a collaborative and positive learning community by encouraging peer-to-peer interaction, group discussions, and experiential learning.

Foster a growth mindset and inspire continuous learning among participants.

Collect participant feedback and evaluate workshop effectiveness using various assessment tools and methodologies.

Analyze workshop outcomes and make data-driven recommendations for continuous improvement of content and delivery methods.

Maintain accurate records of workshop attendance, evaluations, and other relevant documentation.

Able to act quickly to solve problems.

Have or complete B2 Level Spanish

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