Women at Risk Volunteer

Medellin is a Colombian city that receives the second highest number of displaced persons. The reasons: armed conflict, poverty, hunger, human rights violations, and more recently, Venezuelan migrants escaping from the humanitarian crisis in their country. Each day, around 200 women arrive to the center of the city in search of better opportunities. The reality they face when they arrive is far from being the solution: lack of education, high unemployment rates, insecurity, gangs, drugs, prostitution… For all these reasons, they end up working on the streets.

For our ministry, it has been a great challenge to transform the lives of the women who have been affected by these situations. But we believe that, with God’s help, it is possible to transform their reality. In our ministry, we train these women, free of charge, during a period of 6 months. We teach them how to use sewing machines, accompany them psychologically, physically, and spiritually, and then, we help them find jobs in the local fashion industry.

Join us on this adventure and help us grow as a ministry! We have new projects on the horizon such as developing our own daycare to take care of the children of the women in our ministry while they are learning or working, providing proper mental care for the women throughout the process, building our own building, or helping design an amazing communication strategy to spread the word about our mission. We will be happy to have you on our team!

Goers will also live with a Colombian family and work with a local church. Trainings outside of ministry will occur every week where our Goers take Spanish classes, participate in workshops with their cohort, and learn practical ministry tools to better equip them for their ministry settings.


•Intermediate level of Spanish (B1 level) is preferred, but not required
•Studies and practice in social work & psychology, and community development can be very helpful, but not required
•Experience in counseling, therapy, work with women and youth, very helpful, but not required
•Understanding of issues involved in coming out of a trafficking background, helpful but not required
•Willingness to serve in highly vulnerable communities
•Personal integrity exhibited in reliability, perseverance, consistency, and a servant’s heart is essential

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