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Bulgaria is a wonderful, beautiful, and fascinating country in the southeast corner of Europe. For millennia, it has been the transportation neck connecting Europe to Asia, Africa and the Middle East, a crossroad and melting pot for people from the entire eastern hemisphere. Home to ten UNESCO World Heritage sites, the variety of historical, cultural and natural beauty would keep even the most ardent fan busy for a lifetime. The Bulgarian people are warm, hard working, and especially kind to foreigners. Yet the needs in this country are vast. Communism devastated Bulgarian society. Resource shortages, flight to countries offering better life opportunities, and crumbling local institutions have left Bulgarians facing many serious social and economic problems. Bulgaria is the poorest country in the European Union, with average wages only half those of the next poorest country, and less than 20% of the EU average. Schools are failing. The healthcare system is falling apart. Ninety percent of Bulgarian children are what we in the west would describe as "at risk.” Over a decade ago, this team began working through local churches to make disciples in the community, the workplace, and among the poor by inhabiting secular spaces for Christ to promote human flourishing and share the good news of the Gospel with all who show an interest. The team has many exciting projects such as a youth development foundation, education and job skills training initiatives, and business opportunities. Do you have a gift for communicating? Can you provide support to website design and maintenance? Do you have a passion for community transformation through the gospel? As the Web Master, your duties would include creating and keeping up a host of website that support the various community projects, and writing content and developing stories to share of the word the Lord is accomplishing through this team. In addition to your official duties, you will develop personal relationships with students, co-workers, and friends through which you can take part in other areas of ministry including youth and student outreach, outdoor adventures, art and media clubs, English clubs, and many other activities.


Communication skills (a degree in English, Communication, Marketing, etc would be helpful) Website design and upkeep

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