Urban Home School Teacher

Our team lives in a city of 3 million that is one of the most economically underprivileged parts of India. A confluence of different religions, economic backgrounds, and classes make up this diverse and complex environment. We are located in one of the most unreached places in the world, with a burgeoning population and a curious and growing youth population. Our team has deep partnerships with locals in a variety of ministries, including education, empowering locals, and youth and business startups.

The long term workers on our team are looking for two homeschool teachers to assist in supplementing material, pioneering a homeschooling co-op between parents, and helping in creating curriculum for a small group of Western expat children. Most of these children are in local school, but need supplementation in Arts, Music, Reading and hands-on STEM projects. These children could possibly transition to full time homeschool.

We are looking for two teachers to assist homeschooling these two segments of kids:

1. Elementary, ages 7-10 (1st-3rd grade)

2. Middle school, ages 10-13 (4th-8th grade)

Most of these children have been in local schools, and the time is coming to transition them slowly out of local schools and prepare them for a more international schooling experience.

We are looking for 2 teachers to:

Work with parents to create or consult on a Homeschool curriculum for children ages 7-10.

Teach 5 days per week, engaging expat children in a variety of educational experiences and activities.

Weave in activities such as Art, Music, Reading, Physical Education and hands on STEM, which are particularly lacking in our current educational system.

We are also interested in someone who has experience with another language. Most of our children are already bi-lingual, but we are interested in someone who could possibly teach Spanish, French, Mandarin or Korean as a third language.

In the future, Goers may also be able to assist homeschool parents to create materials and rich learning experiences for children 10-13. These children in the older age category are already experienced homeschoolers, and the parents are requesting assistance in deepening and enriching the education of their children.

We desire our children to grow on multiple realms and become well rounded and curious learners.

Aside from homeschooling, we do encourage the homeschool teacher to get involved in local ministry and be a part of our vibrant community. Learning a bit of the local language is encouraged as is cultural immersion and making friends in the local community. We don’t want our teachers to feel that their only job is to spend time with foreigners. We really want them to have an immersive, cross-cultural experience!



Bachelors Degree

We are looking for someone with a relational heart, a flexible attitude and a desire to serve in exciting and new situations.

Must enjoy being around groups of children and collaborating with parents.

Basic adulting skills would also be helpful- managing basic finances, pay rent to a landlord and being willing to learn how to take public transit, book flight and train tickets independently.

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