University Teacher

As one of the highest populated countries in the world, the beauty of China is found not only in its ancient cities, stunning landscapes, and remarkable architecture, but also in its people. No matter where you find yourself in China, the Chinese people will offer overwhelming hospitality and genuinely care for you. Chinese people embody both modern and ancient worlds, and the younger generation especially is trying to find the balance of both.

Our focus as an organization is to bring true hope to the future leaders of China, and those future leaders are the Chinese university students. As educators, we are given the great gift of being able to step into the classroom and bring Light and Hope. Our vision is to influence, build relationships, and bring the Hope of Christ into the classrooms. Not only are able to build relationships with the students inside the classroom, but also outside the classroom; whether it’s movie nights, baking, sports, or eating meals together, we are able to do life together; as a result, powerful and transformative conversations happen.


BA degree or higher, TESOL certification (provided during orientation), committed Christian with a vibrant and growing faith, flexible team player, aptitude for learning how to teach with excellence, native-like English fluency.