University Outreach Coordinator

Our little island sits strategically located in Southeast Asia. Although the island is small, the diversity of peoples, religions, foods and culture is vast. Urban landscapes meet and mix with the locals' traditional rural and village lifestyles. The island has preserved its natural beauty as development has come. Most importantly, it is located within close proximity of some of the most unreached peoples in the world. Our team brings people together to help the oppressed. Our island is made up of many peoples from various surrounding people groups and countries, refugees and locals. We work together with many like-minded people and organizations to bless the oppressed peoples on our island and the surrounding areas in the name of Jesus. We focus not only on those with physical needs, or those that experience social injustice, or those that are spiritually lost, but on all three. Many students from the surrounding region come to our city to study. There is a great opportunity to have regional impact by reaching students on the university campuses in our city. Goes in this position with working with existing campus ministries as well as pioneer new works.


Past campus ministry experience (as a student or a minister) is a strongly recommended. Training in Disciple Making movements is highly recommended. This situation is highly cross-cultural and you will be working with people from multiple countries and backgrounds everyday. The need to be flexible and willing to sacrifice for the good of the work and team will be necessary. Previous experience living or working cross culturally, although not required, will be a huge benefit.

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South East Asia
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