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University Outreach

China is the most populous country in the world. This team serves a city of over 8 million people, including 200,000 university students. For these students, their time spent at the university is a ripe harvest. University is the time when they have the most freedom to think about important life questions and when they are most likely to hear the gospel. In addition, the future leaders of society study at these universities, making this field one of the most strategic places for Gospel workers.

As China has become a world power, there is a high interest to learn English, a need Christians can fill. Goers will serve alongside this team in order to build relationships with college students and serve the local church's university outreach. Mornings would consist of attending classes at a local university to study Chinese. Afternoons and evenings would mostly consist of building relationships with university students. Opportunities to meet students include English corners, basketball, soccer, and any events Chinese students love!

Goers will reach out to university students, invest in them, and plug them into local churches near the universities. The team is also involved in orphan care, ministering to those with disabilities, ministering to at-risk women, training medical missionaries, church planting training, and praying for unreached people groups. While the primary focus of this internship is university ministry, Goers can also help in other areas of ministry if interested.


A willingness to initiate conversations and to work on building new friendships. A willingness to work hard at studying the language and respecting the culture.

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