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Travel Consultant and Event Planner

Bulgaria is a wonderful, beautiful, and fascinating country tucked into the southeast corner of Europe. For millennia, it has been the transportation neck connecting Europe to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, a crossroads and melting pot for people from the entire eastern hemisphere. Home to ten UNESCO World Heritage sites, the variety of historical, cultural, and natural beauty would keep even the most ardent fan busy for a lifetime.

The Bulgarian people are warm, hard working, and especially kind to foreigners. Yet the needs in this country are vast. Communism devastated Bulgarian society. Resource shortages, flight to countries offering better life opportunities, and crumbling local institutions have left Bulgarians facing many serious social and economic problems. Bulgaria is the poorest country in the European Union, with average wages only half those of the next poorest country, and less than 20% of the EU average. Schools are failing. The healthcare system is falling apart. Ninety percent of Bulgarian children are what we in the West would describe as being at risk. Progress is visible but slow, and there are ample service opportunities to last a lifetime.

Our organization pioneered the strategy of inhabiting secular spaces for Christ. We develop local businesses, foundations, and educational programs to demonstrate the beauty of living authentic Christian lives.

Worker Bee Tours is a specialized tour operator combining leisure travel with volunteerism in Bulgaria, the Balkans, and beyond. Over the past 15 years, we have hosted 5,000 volunteers for short-term projects averaging 10 days to two weeks in length. Our teams clean, fix, build, and paint. They teach English, hug orphans, and run Olympic competitions for kids. Wherever they go, our volunteers leave a lasting positive impression in the community and leave a path for Christian evangelism in their wake.

We need a few self starters who are eager to help us manage our existing catalogue of service projects, as well as applying their talents to developing new avenues for the future. In addition to working on our existing volunteerism travel products, every team member will have the opportunity to develop at least one new service project idea from beginning to end, including site selection, project design, planning, marketing, sales, fulfillment, and evaluation.

Do you like to travel? Do you want to explore new cultures and help people who need a hand? If so, then this opportunity might be just for you.


This opportunity is open to people of any educational background.

Curiosity and flexibility are essential for working in a cross-cultural environment.

Experience in travel, short-term missions, and community service organizations would be helpful, as would knowledge of foreign languages.

The successful candidate will exhibit the following traits:

Strong organizational skills

Clear communication

Effective problem solving


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