Teen Girl & Women's Education & Discipleship Leader

Uganda is small country but hosts the beginning of the longest river in the world, the Nile. It sits at the top of Lake Victoria and is green and lush year-round. Uganda has rolling green hills and

low wetlands, and a lot of corn and rice is grown there. Uganda is on the equator but the temperature is moderate as it is at 3500 feet elevation.

This team opened their first skills center for girls in Uganda in 2015 with the vision of reaching teen girls in rural villages who have dropped out of school with the love of Christ and skills training.

They have now trained over 200 girls with different religious backgrounds who gave their lives to Christ. The team now has a traveling drama and dance team that help to educate the communities about child marriage, the importance of educating women, HIV and Aids, and so much more. For talented and dedicated graduates of the skills center training, they have opened both a salon and a tailoring shop (boutique) for girls to work as an intern, where they continue to be trained and mentored by her caring staff. This ministry has grown and continues to grow with a staff of 15 Ugandans who help to train, disciple, and mentor these girls. They are now beginning to build a ministry center where girls can come and live on campus and be cared for, protected, and discipled in a more direct, intimate, and intentional way.

Goers serving with this team would use their unique gifting and talents to help these vulnerable girls know Christ, gain self worth, learn a skill, and become a more successful woman, mother, community member, and follower of Christ! Missionaries are needed to help with the traveling drama team, with Bible studies, discipleship, English classes, health classes, teaching a skill, and/or teaching the

teachers how to be more effective.

The location of this ministry is 1-1/2 hours North-East of Jinja, Uganda, in the area of Bugiri. It is very rural and living quarters are tight, with no running water, no toilets (outhouses), and no electricity other than solar lighting. Goers need to have a sense of adventure and be willing to experience life in a whole new way!


Interested Goers need to have a strong relationship with the Lord, be able to feed themselves spiritually, and exhibit Fruit of the Spirit.

Goers would need to be good learners and come with the expectation that they’re going to receive as much as they give. Living and working in a new culture has a lot to teach you, and experienced missionaries can speak a lot into a persons life if they are humble and desire it.

Goers would definitely need to be able to work with people, to be able to lead Bible studies or teach small groups. Goers need to be a little tough and willing to try new things as well as be flexible.

Background or training in Bible, TESOL, teaching/education or similar is desired. Knowing a vocational skill that could be used to train others would be a great bonus.

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