Team Storyteller

Santiago de Compostela is a historic city that is the physical and emotional and spiritual heart of Galicia, an autonomous community within Spain. Galicia is the home of a unique people group with its own language. It is also like much of Europe and Spain, with a deep Catholic history, but a context that is now more post-modern and post-Christian. It is also one of the rainiest cities in Europe. Which helps keep the mountainous region green and beautiful, with beautiful rugged Atlantic coastline.

Santiago has many people working to transform their community; the problem is they are largely doing it alone. This leaves the city without experiencing true community, without someone to tell their stories, and without opportunities to experience the gospel of Jesus. The Team Storyteller is responsible for the key narrative of the team and will need to be able to articulate the transformation of the gospel amongst the lives of people and their work with an authentic approach to linking the material with the spiritual. They will be expected to have a basic understanding of the power of branding and a willingness to grow counter-culturally in that understanding. They will be required to have studied the ways Jesus used storytelling to create wonder above giving answers and they will be expected to develop the art of inquiry among the people they are working with.

- Supporting leadership in using narrative to connect the organization’s past, present and future
- Overseeing and designing consistent content across all platforms
- Tailoring messaging for different audiences and strategic goals


Primary skills needed include:
- Creating videos
- Writing short stories
- Combining these two into media formats

- An understanding of: Digital and mobile marketing practices and modern media, including social, key content distribution channels (traditional media, including radio, TV, print, packaging)
- A great eye for design
- A passion for story, narrative structure and the creative arts
- A skillful understanding of data reporting and analytics

Helpful character traits:

- Flexiblilty - be ready to adjust when things do not turn out as imagined

- Can work in a team setting as well as complete assigned tasks independently

- The courage to try new things

- Language aptitude and/or proficiency of Spanish

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