Syrian Refugee Education and Advocacy

Our partnership with a local church in Jordan has been a true blessing to us. This church sits minutes from the border of Syria. We help this church run education programs for Syrian refugee families and the impact we've seen has been profound. From Syrian children, teenagers, and adults, to affluent Jordanian college students, our teachers are able to connect with people from all walks of life who are experiencing very dark and difficult things. Jordan is well known for it's rich history and for a people that are hospitable and resilient. In addition to teaching conversational English, our teams are committed to investing in the lives of their students and communities outside the classroom, by living life alongside them. Through the privacy of one-on-one conversations held in homes and offices, out to eat, or on community excursions, real life and light and hope are shared with seeking students. Genuine friendships with our students become the basis for incredible conversations and life-change. We need fun, flexible, dedicated people to join our vibrant teams in Jordan. We teach at a professional level, but prior teaching experience is not required. We value sending people who have a passion for developing friendships and pursuing lasting relationships. Join our teams on the ground who are making a huge impact! "


BA degree or higher. TESOL certification (provided during orientation). Committed Christian with a vibrant, growing faith. Flexible team player. Aptitude for learning how to teach with excellence. Native-like English fluency.

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