Supernatural School of Ministry and House of Prayer

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to open the book of Acts and experience a lifestyle that reflected life as it was for Jesus’ disciples? Come and join our supernatural ministry internship in order to step into another level of experiencing God’s presence and His power.

This country where we are serving is located in the midst of huge mountains that reach to 24,600 feet. It is the poorest country in Central Asia, and it is home to a people group who are 98.6% Muslim. The spiritual and physical needs in this area are incredibly significant, as people suffer from both physical and spiritual poverty.

Our team has three goals. The first is to exist together as a house of prayer in which we gather several times a week for worship and prayer. Worship and intercession is the fuel for everything we do. The second goal is to reach out to the physical needs of impoverished villages. We travel to villages where children often get sick due to unclean water with an NGO that connects these places with springs or installs wells. We look for ways to meet tangible, physical needs in the community. Our third goal is to supernaturally plant churches and see a multitude of people come to Christ. We have seen God work in dreams, visions, and miracles, and we utilize the connections we make through our NGO to share the good news with people.

By joining our team you will be participating in a supernatural ministry internship, in which you will be trained to hear from God through prophetic ministry and words of knowledge, to pray for the sick and for deliverance, and to share the good news in a way that is relevant to Muslims. Then you will immediately be given opportunities to practice all that you are learning with people who have never heard the gospel.

This Goer can also help to build the house of prayer through leading worship, leading prayer, mobilizing other ex-pats to pray, and coaching others in prayer. This is an internship because the Goer is able to come and learn from a team leader who has been involved in mobilizing prayer and intercession on overseas for several years. The Goer will learn skills in corporate worship and intercession, in praying for the sick with power, and in mobilizing a prayer movement. The Goer will also be able to engage with the local culture and work to mobilize a prayer movement among locals.


Training or experience in prayer/leading worship
Desire to learn about the supernatural

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Central Asia
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