Student Worker in Slovakia

Slovakia, known as 'Little Big Country' is an emerging Central European country. It is a historically and culturally rich country located right at the heart of Europe. Slovakia is small in scale, yet large in character; a young nation with pride in its history and what it offers. Slovaks are hospitable with an emphasis on family and maintaining an active lifestyle. Slovakia has many mountains, the most famous range being the High Tatras, which are great for all sorts of outdoor sports. Slovakia also possesses beautiful wine-growing valleys, picturesque castles, stunning caves as well as many historical cities.

This position is based in Košice in the east of Slovakia, where there are now many international students and few ministries are looking to reach these students. Over the years, our staff have desired to reach out to the international students studying in Slovakia. Staff workers have come in contact with international students through befriending students on campus or through God-given meetings with new students while travelling by trains. This has led to international students meeting in both Košice and in the nearby city of Prešov. Events that have been organized range from cultural evenings, meals together, sports, and Bible studies.

Our team is small and it is hard to juggle looking after many groups and maintaining different relationships. In partnership with the staff team there is a great opportunity for someone to befriend and care for international students in Kosice. Goers in this positon would be involved in befriending students, meeting up with students for discussions and mentoring, organizing events and Bible studies as well as being a part of our overall ministry team.


Adaptable to new contexts; Student work experience (national as well, not necessarily with Internationals); Experience in leading small groups/ Bible studies (evangelistic ones for non-Christians, as well as for discipleship/spiritual growth); Enthusiasm and desire to take initiative especially with building friendships

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