Strategic Entry and Advancement for Emerging Movement

The district we serve in is north of Kolkata, is made up of 1367 villages and is home to 257 Unreached People Groups. Our district runs along the boarder of Bangladesh and is 70% Hindu, 30% Muslim and 98.5 % unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From top to bottom, God’s beautiful creation shines through the miles of endless mustard fields, dense tropical landscape, and abundance of creatures of all shapes and sizes, but the people living there have been blinded and instead worship idols with eyes who cannot see and ears who cannot hear.

Our vision is that every person in this district and the surrounding regions would have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, be discipled and be a part of a healthy, locally led house church. We do that by training up local believers and walking with them as we systematically move through our district sharing the Gospel and looking for where it is taking root. When you join our team you will jump into the middle of an emerging movement. God is working and moving in this vastly unreached region and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Strategic Entry Focus:

Our goal is to have different tools and options for our team when they are moving into new villages: broad evangelism, bible studies, showing the Jesus film, locating points of interest where they can find people of influence (Ex. Local mosques where they can directly share with religious leaders), kids and youth programs, sports programs and more. We are seeing these strategies be hugely helpful and successful so we are looking for someone who can take on the role of specifically focusing on strategic entry!

Your job will be working closely with our local team, assessing their current entry strategies and many of the things they are already doing, and helping them identify best practices/what's working, improving upon some of their strategies and creating new strategies to continue entering places that the Gospel has never gone!

Strategic Advancement Focus:

When our local team moves into a new village they saturate it with the Gospel from many different angles: broad evangelism, bible studies, showing the Jesus film, locating points of interest where they can find people of influence (Ex. Local mosques where they can directly share with religious leaders), kids and youth programs, sports programs and more. You will be working closely with our local team and many of the things they are already doing and your primary job will be helping to grow and expand this movement.

We need someone who can be involved and know all sides of the ministry in order to be able to step back regularly and look at the big picture. This includes: assessing evangelism effectiveness, mapping, using existing or creating new platforms to engage the community with the Gospel, walking with and discipling new believers in the same way we see Paul do in the early church, tracking exactly where the Gospel has been shared in the district and creating strategic plans for keeping our local team moving forward.


Basic Knowledge of the Bible/Acts/Early Church - Our vision and strategy is rooted in God's word so applicant should be committed to the reading and application of the Word and should be familiar with Acts and Paul's Missionary Journeys. We use many best practices used in disciple making movements around the world and will do on-the-field training for those specific strategies and training that we use on the ground.

Personal Maturity and Work Ethic - Applicant needs to display personal maturity and a good, self-starter work ethic. Life and ministry on this side of the world can be crazy and confusing and difficult and amazing, sometimes all at the same time, and applicants need to be able to handle all situations with maturity and be able to be self-motivated to continue pushing on towards our team vision and plan.

Ability to clearly communicate the Gospel - A primary job will be sharing the Gospel clearly both so that the recipient can understand but also so that you set a clear example for the believers you are training. Applicant should have basic understanding of how to share the Gospel but should also be open to learning how to do so in culturally relevant ways

Culturally Aware - India is a vastly diverse place and it is impossible to ever fully understand everything that is happening around us. Applicant should have the ability and willingness to be aware of their surroundings and be a learner at all times.

Flexible - India will teach you nothing if not flexibility! While we have to push forward with the vision and plan God has given us as a team and each of us as individuals, applicants need to be flexible to both the spirit's work in their own life and ministry as well as our work as a team and flexible to the many things that will be thrown at us everyday that sometimes will make huge changes in our plans or expectations.

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