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Tazha is located in central Bulgaria, at the foothills of the Balkan Mountain Range. Its 1,500 residents are evenly divided between the Bulgarian and Roma ethnic groups. Most people earn their livelihood via agriculture - mostly raspberries, lavender and oil-bearing roses. The name Tazha comes from the word for "sorrow;" and given their location, the residents of this small rural community can feel forgotten. The town has little or no spiritual presence - the Orthodox church only works on holidays or for special occasions, the small number of Muslims have no mosque and the single small, evangelical church is located in a place where most people don't even want to step foot. But we want them to know that God has not forgotten them! We want to bring His joy to the residents of Tazha - whether Roma (Gypsy) or Bulgarian, whether poor or well-off, whether young or old, regardless of whether they come from an Orthodox, Muslim or atheist background. Soccer is the number one sport in the world and Tazha, Bulgaria is no different. Soccer is a wonderful means to build deeper friendships with the local people and it can also be a means to bridge the ethnic divide! Goers in this position will lead drills, play with and build relationships with the players (and their families), while making the connection between Christian values and team sports. The children have a lot of free time so plenty of opportunity exists. This is pioneering work in a new location, so goers will also spend time learning the language and will need to be a self-starter.


Experience in playing soccer, setting up and explaining drills, encouraging the players. There is opportunity to play a light traveling schedule if parents agree to let the boys travel. There are also players from both Gypsy and Bulgarian ethnic groups, but until now they don't really play together, so being a challenger and a connector. Our motto is that we are building not only better soccer players, but better people. Must be able to share a short devotional on Christian character with the players.

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