Relational Ministry and Teaching ESL

Do you enjoy building relationships, communicating value through quality time, and seeing people's eyes opened to new life in Christ? University students are hungry for connection; and the nature of the college experience makes it one of the most open times to engage with spiritual truths. Teaching English gives you an important and natural space in the lives of many college students.

In addition to teaching English, our teams are committed to investing in the lives of their students and communities outside the classroom, by living life alongside them. Through the privacy of one-on-one conversations held in homes and offices, out to eat, or on community excursions, real life and light and hope are shared with seeking students. Genuine friendships with our students become the basis for incredible conversations and life-change.

We need fun, flexible, dedicated people to join our vibrant teams in Asia. We teach at a professional level in universities, but prior teaching experience is not required. We provide cultural and TESOL training prior to your departure. We value sending people who have a passion for developing friendships and pursuing lasting relationships. Join our teams on the ground who are making a huge impact!

Opportunities exist in three major countries in Asia - Vietnam, Cambodia, and East Asia (country undisclosed).

Vietnam: A land of breathtaking natural beauty and cultural diversity, Vietnam is both exotic and compelling. The average age in Vietnam is 30 years old and this generation is asking the tough questions that contradict decades-old beliefs and practices. They are looking for answers, and our teachers have the opportunity to speak truth into their student's lives. Come teach in an influential Vietnamese city and have a front-row seat to seeing lives truly transformed.

Cambodia: Like most of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is full of ancient history. However, Cambodia's recent tragic history is what continues to bring people to this beautiful country. The Khmer people are still in recovery mode from the crimes against humanity that flooded their villages and fields as recent as the year 2000. The need for social justice walks every street of Cambodia. We believe that social justice begins in the classroom. For the Khmer people, English is the key to success. Their English ability is significantly higher than most surrounding countries, but their academic English skills, especially their critical thinking skills, are still lacking. Teach English in Cambodia and you'll have the opportunity to assist in opening the eyes and minds of the next generation of Cambodian leaders!

East Asia: This country is and will continue to be one of the most influential nations in the world. The students that make up our classrooms are the future leaders in business, medicine, politics, finance, and the church. There is great need for quality English educators and the students are eager to know you and learn from you.

  • BA degree or higher
  •  TESOL certification (provided during orientation)
  • Committed Christian with a vibrant and growing faith
  • Flexible team player
  • Aptitude for learning how to teach with excellence
  • Native-like English fluency

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