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Refugee Ministry Worker

The Refugee Ministry Team is the only full-time outreach ministry team seeking to share the gospel with unreached refugee peoples in Phoenix. There is a huge need for more people to join us to engage the almost 100,000 refugees settled in Phoenix since 1970.

Refugee Ministry Workers will minister to Syrian, Afghan, Somali, Iraqi, Rohingyan, and many other displaced peoples living in Phoenix, AZ. The team in Phoenix (which you will be part of) has hundreds of connections and can quickly help you meet the people you will serve. In addition, GoTEN offers services to refugees such as English class, sewing classes, tutoring for kids, and other services as needed. This ministry context is always available to the Phoenix Refugee Team to use to establish new connections. Volunteering at the GoTEN Training Center is always an option, but not required.

As you live in community with refugees, you will be their neighbor and provide personalized ministry as you discover specific needs such as transportation, job acquisition, and homework help for kids. You will share Jesus stories with refugee friends, live among them in apartment communities, and facilitate disciple-making relationships among unreached peoples that are represented here in the U.S.

As a ministry worker, you should have a passion for living among refugees and unreached people groups, sharing Jesus stories with them, building lasting relationships, and meeting their physical and spiritual needs. You will need a heart for ministry, a vision to work on a team with others, a learning attitude, and the desire to be part of seeing transformation take place among unreached people groups.


Our mission is to create disciple-making movements among unreached refugees in the USA. If you can smile, like to meet new people and want to engage people from another culture, this is a great opportunity to experience the true missionary life. Due to the diverse nature of languages, someone wanting to use their language skills or begin learning Arabic, Burmese, Somali, or Rohingya would be great but not required. Our program is designed to equip and train missionaries to reach out to Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu people groups. The most essential quality is communication skills along with a calling to make disciples among unreached people. It’s also helpful to have a flexible personality and an openess to learn how to build cross-cultural relationships. A commitment to team and community is also an important quality.

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