Refugee Employment Specialist

Since 1980, Arizona has resettled almost 90,000 refugees of which the majority have come from unreached people groups (People groups with 2% or less of a Christian presence). Our teams live in low- income apartment complexes with refugees. Our teams build relationships with refugee neighbors from unreached people groups around the world, demonstrating God's love by empowering refugees with language learning, job acquisition, and life skills. We share the Truth of God's Word through storytelling in home visits. Our aim is to start Gospel story groups that birth churches in homes. Our teams teach English, make home visits, teach job skills, teach life skills, and start Gospel storytelling groups. The environment is incredibly diverse. Expect to meet Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and non-religious people. The people groups we work with are from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Myanmar, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Nepal, and Afghanistan. Goers will be coached by missionaries on a daily basis and will receive ongoing training designed to give missionaries new tools, accountability, practice, encouragement and community.

An ideal candidate for the Employment Specialist role is an individual who is passionate about business networking and sees the potential it has for Kingdom Ministry today. Refugees face an enormous challenge as they seek to find employment that matches their skills, meets their financial needs, and accommodates their transportation. The Employment Specialist develops contacts with local businesses and is the main human resource for missionaries and Team Leads to assist in finding jobs for refugees. In addition to overseeing employment needs the Goer will serve on teams with missionaries living among unreached refugees in the Phoenix metro area. Goers will experience the life of a missionary by engaging unreached refugees with prayer, love and Truth.


The Employment Specialist role requires excellent people skills and a basic understanding of business. Our mission is to create disciple-making movements among unreached refugees in the USA. If you can smile, like to meet new people and want to engage people from another culture, this is a great opportunity to experience the true missionary life. Due to the diverse nature of languages, someone wanting to use their language skills or begin learning Arabic, Burmese, Swahili, or Rhohingya would be great but not required. Any social workers experience would be great but not required. Our program is designed to equip and train. The most essential quality is communication skills and a calling to make disciples among unreached people.

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