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Refugee Children Outreach

Daily headlines cover the immigration of Muslims to Europe, and it is on the forefront of European politics and society. Huge numbers of Muslim immigrants now call the capital cities of Europe home, and Berlin is no exception. They  face the challenges of forging a new start for their families in the midst of resistance and fear from many European-born citizens. Immigrants from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds are the frontlines of justice and peace in Europe. 

To reach recent immigrants requires ‘living among,’ serving, loving, and meeting practical as well as spiritual needs. Asylum-seekers are hungry for personal relationships and patient conversations of truth as they process their past traumas and face the realities of starting over in a foreign land. Goers will volunteer in community development programs, utilizing their skills and passion for mentoring, discipleship, and children’s and youth ministry to serve in a variety of roles and capacities within the refugee community. This is ideal for those interested in Islamic ministry to gain experience outside the restrictions of the Middle East.


Compassion for those on the margins 

Heart to serve in small, often unnoticed ways 

Ability to persevere despite little results 

Strong biblical understanding of Christian faith and its distinctives  

Exposure to and training in the Islamic belief system (required) 

Ability to initiate and pursue relationships

Strong interpersonal skills

Ability to work well on a team with people of varying backgrounds and viewpoints

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