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Refugee and Muslim Relational Outreach

Daily headlines cover the immigration of Muslims to Europe, and it is on the forefront of European politics and society. Huge numbers of Muslim immigrants now call the capital cities of Europe home, and Berlin is no exception. They face the challenges of forging a new start for their families in the midst of resistance and fear from many European-born citizens. Immigrants from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds are the frontlines of justice and peace in Europe. 

  Berlin is home to the second largest population of Turks outside of Turkey. Most of these are 2nd and 3rd generations who have deeply embedded into the urban subculture. To reach recent immigrants or new generations requires ‘living among,’ serving, loving, and meeting practical needs. Using your unique personality, interests and cultural learning style will allow you to naturally float between contrasting worldviews and engage them personally.     

Goers volunteer in community development programs and serve in a community center/church plant as a base for incarnating into the Islamic urban culture, all with the goal of sharing and showing the good news to these marginalized people. This is ideal for those interested in Islamic ministry to gain experience outside the restrictions of the Middle East.


Compassion for those on the margins 

Heart to serve in small, often unnoticed, ways 

Ability to persevere despite little results 

Strong biblical understanding of Christian faith and its distinctives  

Experience with 2nd and 3rd generation challenges (a plus) 

Exposure to and training in the Islamic belief system

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