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With Germany located in the center of Europe and the expanding European Union, the capital city of Berlin plays a strategic role in the Eurasian continent and even world. This vibrant German city is home to 3.5 million people from over 180 nations and boasts a rich history, lively creative arts and fashion scene, academic depth, and unique blend of old world and contemporary culture from around the globe. 

Berlin is home to a network of organizations and ministries seeking to mobilize the church and gather volunteers to meet the emerging social and spiritual needs of the city. They are passionate and committed to seeing the gospel transform Berlin, but they are often under-resourced, under-staffed and in need of practical help to sustain ministry and implement new ministry ideas.  

Use your background in communications, marketing, journalism, and PR to assist non-profits by coordinating communication efforts and developing relevant social media outlets/content. Goers will have unique opportunities to experiment with new methods of publicizing events, recruiting volunteers, and spreading the gospel in innovative and creative ways.


Experience creating helpful systems and implementing practices for effective communication and planning (preferred) 
Experience with social media platforms (required), preferably in professional contexts 
Strong interpersonal and written communication skills 
Ability to move projects forward in a timely manner  
Ability to work with diverse groups of people of different backgrounds with varying communication styles  
Interest in learning new forms of technology or media platforms 
Team player who is flexible and keeps team goals at the forefront 
Communications, marketing/business, public relations degree a plus

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