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This small, but strategic coastal city serves as a crossroads between continents, contrasting barren mountains and deserts with adjoining bodies of water famous for their spectacular snorkeling among tropical fish and swimming with the seasonally migrating whale sharks. Yet the traditional nomadic population lives at a subsistence level, and even in the city economic opportunity is hard to come by for the majority of the nation’s population who lives there. Urban unemployment hovers near 60%, and attempts to diversify the primarily service economy face huge obstacles.

The predominantly Muslim population is warmly hospitable, but has yet to break free from their recent colonial past. In order to engage with their neighboring Anglophone countries effectively in trade, efforts are being made to expand English education among the general population.

Our team has been working for more than a decade to help to bring transformation and economic opportunity, integrated authentically with the gospel of Jesus, by advancing education in the English language publicly and privately. More recently, with government encouragement, we launched what will grow to become a K-12 English medium school, serving a 70% national student population, with the balance made up of immigrant and expatriate children. The vision is to provide a world-class English education focusing on discovery, creativity, and problem-solving to develop noble-hearted, global citizens.


Experience and certification in an American elementary education system (along with ESL certification) is preferred, but new education graduates will be welcomed and mentored as they gain experience. The school community is multicultural, and significant cross-cultural experience will prove highly beneficial, although not required. Flexibility, adaptability, a team spirit, a noble-hearted calling to serve, and physical endurance are a must.

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