Pilgrim House Business Assistant

As pilgrims wind their way through Spain while walking or biking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trails, they may reflect on their lives and seek answers to long-held and profound questions. Once they arrive in Santiago de Compostela, they have various needs and appreciate having space and time to think through their journey and talk to others.

Our team is here in Santiago de Compostela, the end of the Camino de Santiago. Through the Pilgrim House Welcome Center, we care for pilgrims in an integrated way so they encounter the tangible love of God. Pilgrims find a place of rest and respite at Pilgrim House, and during their time here we facilitate and encourage deeper engagement with whatever has been stirring during their Camino while offering practical services that are often needed by newly arrived pilgrims.

We’re looking for a Business Assistant to help our Business Manager in daily and weekly tasks. Like the rest of the team, a Business Assistant will also serve on shifts in Pilgrim House and help meet the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of pilgrims finishing the Camino de Santiago. Eventually we will be entering into more focused community development in the city of Santiago de Compostela, and a Business Assistant will assist in expanding our ministry to help meet the needs of the community.


Business and administrative skills – can help develop and track budgets, track inventory, maintain spreadsheets, execute detailed task lists, and adhere to standards of excellence.

Conversational - can welcome in pilgrims and initiate conversations; can listen to pilgrims' stories and ask good questions to help conversations go deeper.

Willing to go on pilgrimage - can fulfill the requirement of walking at least 100 kms (around 5 days) of the Camino pilgrimage trail before starting Pilgrim House duties.

Learner – willing to learn the culture and language in Spain without criticizing it, willing to learn from the team best-practices for life and work.

Able to work independently – we meet once a week for team meetings and we work together on shifts, but otherwise team members are expected to manage their time and complete their projects on their own (with help as needed).

Spanish language – one of the main priorities for the first 6 months or year will be to learn Spanish. If the Goer already has some Spanish/ French/ Italian/ Portuguese, he/she will have an easier time.

Ability to drive stick-shift – this skill will help the Goer in renting cars and getting around in all of Europe, as automatic-transmission cars are not common.

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