Outreach Among Marginalized Children and Youth

With Germany located in the center of Europe and the expanding European Union, the capital city of Berlin plays a strategic role in the Eurasian continent and even world. This vibrant German city is home to 3.5 million people from over 180 nations and boasts a rich history, lively creative arts and fashion scene, academic depth and unique blend of old world and contemporary culture from around the globe. However, Berlin’s history has also created a large displacement of youth.

Atheistic Youth Worker:
Many communities of former Soviet East Berlin continue to battle economic, academic, and spiritual poverty, leaving children and youth in need of practical as well as spiritual and emotional support from caring mentors as they grow up in a strong atheistic subculture. Use your passion for youth and interest in youth culture to work with local churches that reach out to a subculture of generationally atheistic youth. Goers will build relationships with young people of various backgrounds and assist in both church and community youth programs.

Refugee Children Worker:
Immigrants from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds are the front lines of justice and peace in Europe. They face the challenges of forging a new start for their families in the midst of resistance and fear from many European-born citizens.

To reach recent immigrants requires 'living among,' serving, loving, and meeting practical as well as spiritual needs. Asylum-seekers are hungry for personal relationships and patient conversations of truth as they process their past traumas and face the realities of starting over in a foreign land. Goers will volunteer in community development programs, utilizing their skills and passion for mentoring, discipleship, and children’s and youth ministry to serve in a variety of roles and capacities within the refugee community. This is ideal for those interested in Islamic ministry to gain experience outside the restrictions of the Middle East.

Immigrant Youth Worker:
With one in four people having heritage outside of Germany, reaching 2nd and 3rd generation youth is a great challenge and is mostly overlooked by the church. Use your passion for youth and interest in youth culture to work with local churches that reach out to specific subcultures or multi-ethnic youth cultures. Goers will do this by building relationships with young people of bicultural or tricultural backgrounds (varying cultures, languages, educations, worldviews) and assisting in both church and community youth programs.


demonstrated abilities working with children/youth and organizational skills
strong understanding of the Christian faith as it relates to the moral, relational and spiritual development of youth
ability to take the initiative in pursuing relationships
relational skills to engage children/youth patiently and on their terms
ability to communicate truth sensitively and directly when needed
experience or training in counseling, at-risk youth, social problems, family systems a plus
specific skills in arts, music, sports, skateboarding and other youth interests a plus

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