Office Management Intern

This position is located in the Metropolitan area of Colombia, including Medellin and it’s 9 surrounding cities. Medellin has a cool but warm climate, with rainy and dry seasons and an average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit most of the year. The surrounding Andean mountains and the altitude affect what could be a tropical climate, so close to the equator. The city has a population of 2,569,000.

Our organization has a strong ministry heritage in South America, especially in Medellin. In the 80’s, Medellin was the most violent city in the world, and today has been key for transformation and development within Colombia, providing us many opportunities to participate in what God is doing. We are called to continue serving the church and our ministry partners through a Regional Training Hub for Latin America. Networking, collaboration, training projects and regional gatherings are necessary to accomplish our ministry goals of seeing God glorified throughout Latin America.

Your role will be to catalyze regional gatherings with key leaders to promote healthy growth among ministry sites throughout Latin America. We are three staff members trying to accomplish most of the work, so we are in need of someone who’s heart beats for the Latino Church, who could assist us in administration, coordinating meetings, communication, following up with strategic activites, and the use of social media. Goers will also live with a Colombian family and work with a local church. Trainings outside of ministry will occur every week where our Goers take Spanish classes, participate in workshops with their cohort, and learn practical ministry tools to better equip them for their ministry settings.


•Experience in budgeting, creating reports, and managing projects and events.
•Ability to work with people from varying backgrounds and countries
•Desire to see a flourishing church in Latin America

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