100+ ways for Christians to use your degree, passions, and skills globally! Check out the links below for ways to integrate your faith and gain global work experience in your major, all while serving among the least reached globally. To talk with one of our mission coaches about what location and track might be best for you, fill out an inquiry form. Or, to apply, begin your application here.

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Inside Track: Agriculture/Environment

Agriculture, creation care, and engaging in today's environmental issues at a local level are strategic ways for making a difference in emerging global markets.

Agriculture - Environment Placements

Inside Track: Business/Leadership

Business skills are some of the best ways to serve and empower the poorest of the poor and to have a platform for relationships and sharing the gospel.

Business Placements

Use your passion for international community development to improve societies and people’s lives by helping to assess needs, discover assets, and work together to arrive at solutions.

Community Development Placements

Serving on the compassion and justice track will give you the opportunity to invest a season of your life on the front lines of our world’s most pressing justice issues - poverty, human trafficking, the refugee crisis.

Compassion - Justice Placements

Engineers professionals can help recognize problems and devise solutions that will help provide safety, security, access, development, and health to both people and projects.

Engineering - IT Placements

Inside Track: Languages/Linguistics

Connect with people by using something so integral to life - language! Use the desire to learn English as a bridge to build relationships, or join a linguistics project to bring the gospel to their heart language.

Languages - Linguistics Placements

Inside Track: Media/Arts

Media opportunities focus on creating meaningful content through writing, design, or videography. Art opportunities include using music, dance, photography, etc. as a basis for developing impactful relationships.

Media - Communications Placements

Inside Track: Medical

Use your medical training and background to bring physical healing to the sick, to help prevent hurt and disease, and to be a witness to the spiritual healing available through Christ.

Medical Placements

Join a Ministry team and connect with team leaders that will mentor and disciple you in the art of making disciples that make disciples. Missional living, missional communities and simple churches will be your focus.

Ministry Placements

Sports are common to all peoples and cultures! Team sports and coaching provide a natural and very effective avenue to develop relationships and to quickly earn a place of respect and influence in the lives of youth.

Sports Placements

Inside Track: University Outreach

In every country in the world, university campuses are filled with students who are searching for truth. These students are the leaders and influencers of tomorrow. Help the future leaders of the world find the Truth that their hearts long for.

University Outreach Placements

96% of the world's full-time youth development workers are in the US, even though we have less than 5% of the world's youth population. Invest your background, training and passion for youth into the lives of those with the least access to the gospel.

Youth Development Placements

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