Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator

Set in the heart of the Middle East is a beautiful country encompassing arid desert, rocky mountains, and beautiful beaches along the coast. The people are often considered some of the friendliest and most hospitable in the world. Unfortunately, the desert reflects the spiritual situation of the country. There are very few known believers in this unreached land. But we know God is working among the people. Muslim people are quickly coming to know the Lord through multiple movements. 

Goers are needed who are willing to invest heavily in developing relationships in the community. While immersing yourself in the country, you will learn about the culture, language, and heart of the community that you are living in. It is very common to easily enter into spiritual conversation with Muslim people because of their learned respect for 'Allah' and their faith. As a goer, you will find that the relationships you make just by simply living in this context will easily lead to deep connection and deep spiritual conversation. 

A community center/club has been set up in an old fishing village to reach out to the neighborhood in a number of ways. In the past, this has looked like English clubs, exercise groups, arts and crafts, and self-worth support classes. Goers will assist in these activities and are welcome to suggest new ideas based on their backgrounds and interests through the understanding of where locals see needs or areas to grow. 

This team will encourage you to immerse yourself in a richly Muslim context through language and culture. You will be encouraged to connect with the local community around you and prayerfully consider the way the Lord is directing you day to day. 





-Good with kids

-Willingness to adapt (the center is in a very conservative neighborhood)

-Understanding of community development or familiarity with When Helping Hurts

-Aptitude for learning a challenging language