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Innsbruck, the capital of the Tirol province, is a beautiful university town, surrounded by majestic mountains and lush forests, with the beautiful Inn River running through the city. With over 135,000 inhabitants, Innsbruck has all the trappings of a big city, and yet it still maintains a small town feel. Sitting in the midst of the Alps, Innsbruck has hosted three Winter Olympics Games and still attracts sports enthusiasts year-round with its numerous hiking, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, and snowboarding routes.

Despite having a cross on every mountain peak and a church at the center of every village, most Austrians have lost true faith in Jesus Christ to religious tradition. Less than 0.5% of Austrians profess a faith in Jesus Christ & his finished work alone! “Mobilizing People for Jesus in Austria” is the mission of our Innsbruck team. This means we are working to help people not only to get to know Jesus, but also to live out his good purposes for their lives.

Our vision is to see Austrians, especially youth & young adults become strong in faith and glorifying God with their lives and restoring spiritual vitality to Austria. (see Isaiah 61:1-4). Do you love exploring the outdoors and challenging your limits? Then we’ve got the place for you! The Austrian Alps! Hiking, mountain-biking, climbing, trekking, paragliding, mountain carting, ski-touring, camping, fishing, rafting, kayaking, mountaineering – it’s all right here, surrounding us! Now, how about doing that for Jesus?

Share your skills with youth and others or learn from skilled adventurers, all the while building relationships and sharing Jesus. Goers will work with existing churches and youth ministries and use outdoor adventures as a way to both reach the lost and strengthen believers in their faith


Skill & experience in outdoor adventure sports. A heart to reach & disciple others. Entrepreneurial spirit. Ready, willing, and able to share the Gospel and disciple others. Team player.

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