Ministry Construction Engineer

Uganda is small country but hosts the beginning of the longest river in the world, the Nile. It sits at the top of Lake Victoria and is green and lush year-round. Uganda has rolling green hills and low wetlands, and a lot of corn and rice is grown there. Uganda is on the equator but the temperature is moderate as it is at 3,500 feet elevation.

Uganda is beautiful and green, yet people are starving - both physically and spiritually. Our vision for the future is to build a ministry center that does three things: Teaches pastors, teaches skills to teen girls, and teaches the community better farming practices. Right now, an exciting new team is in the beginning phases of building a ministry center to do just that!

One of the greatest challenges to building quality structures in Uganda is finding highly trained individuals. This team needs someone who can help with the construction of their new ministry center. All buildings will be made out of brick and mortar with tin roofs. You will be joining a team leader that has a lot of building and construction experience, but is looking for someone to work beside him in designing and constructing a house, a school, and even more!

If you have construction and/or engineering experience or training, our team in Uganda needs you! There is a huge need for those who have a love for the lost and a love for their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Sincere Goers who are looking for an opportunity to make a difference and an impact for the Kingdom look no further, you are needed in Uganda!


Goers would need to be good learners and come with the expectation that they’re going to receive as much as they give. Living and working in a new culture has a lot to teach you, and experienced missionaries can speak a lot into a persons life if they are humble and desire it.

Goers would definitely need to be able to work with people, and to be able to do physical work. Goers need to be a little tough and willing to try new things as well as be flexible. It would be helpful if Goers knew how to drive in heavy rutted and mudded roads, use the 4 wheel drive, and also operate a manual transmission vehicle (but not required).

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