Medical Specialist in Training

For more than ten years medical professionals and English teachers have engaged the medical community in this country by teaching in government hospitals and at the only allied health professions university in the country. Because of the strong foundation of trust we have with key officials, and the record of our service, we have opportunities to work within departments in hospitals as consultants, trainers and teachers of medical English specific to that department. We have opportunity to engage with professors, Master’s degree students and Residents through the University of Health Sciences. Friendship Hospital has asked for help in training their staff in how to use the new state-of-the-art equipment in the new wing of the hospital which opened in 2019. Our team’s medical doctors and nurses come alongside professional hospital staff as colleagues to equip them with new knowledge, specific procedures, training and consultation in their discipline, as well as to assist them in learning and using medical English in their specialty. Medical professionals are encouraged to engage socially outside of class, building foundations of trust and communication upon which biblical truths can be explored and established. Although the political and social situation prohibits proselytization, the desire of the people and government of this communist nation to engage with the global community has opened doors for skilled professionals from the outside to join them in building their nation. The charming culture of Laos is only surpassed by the gentle souls of the people who are hungry to learn and to serve their people through quality healthcare.


A genuine interest in teaching English as a second language

Adaptability, teachability, and humility

A team mentality, relationship orientation, and a noble-hearted calling to serve

A Certificate for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) or equivalent certification. This can be obtained in a one-month course during the pre-field training period.

Significant cross-cultural and teaching experience will prove highly beneficial, although not required.

A degree in science, nursing or education, and/or experience in health care settings is highly desirable.

Significant cross-cultural and teaching experience will prove highly beneficial, although not required.

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