Medical English Education Specialist

Although the political and social situation prohibits proselytization, the desire of the people and government of this nation to emerge from a communist history and engage with the global economy has opened doors for skilled professionals from the outside to join them in building their nation. The historic surroundings are only surpassed by the beautiful souls of these gentle people who are hungry to learn, so as to raise their fellow citizens out of their cycle of fatalism.

Following years of engagement in the local health care system by the medical professionals and English teachers on our team, consistently delivering on our promises has laid a foundation of trust among key officials, which has resulted in an astounding invitation to our team: help us teach English to the students of the only allied health professions university in the country, so that as they become medical professionals themselves, they can access the latest in research and education for the healthcare benefit of the population.

Our team's English teachers come alongside the university's local English teachers to equip them in developing their curriculum and their teaching program. At the same time, our teachers are teaching in the classroom and engaged socially outside of class with hundreds of the 17 to 22-year-old medical students, building foundations of trust and communication upon which the truth of the gospel of Jesus can be established. Goers in this position will join this exciting open door to reach the unreached through medical English education.

  • Experience in hospitals, health centers, rehab centers, or assisted living, Nursing Degree, CNA, or health care background is highly desirable
  • A Certificate for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) or equivalent certification, while helpful to have in advance, can be obtained in a one-month course during the pre-field training period
  • Significant cross-cultural and teaching experience will prove highly beneficial, although not required.
  • Flexibility, adaptability, a team spirit, a noble-hearted calling to serve, and physical endurance are a must

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South East Asia
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