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Medical Assistant

This country in Central Asia is sometimes called the “Poor Man’s Switzerland” due to the beautiful mountains that cover much of the country. The poorest country of the former Soviet Union, the needs are great both in development, and spiritually as most people seek to fill their need for God by moving further and further toward Islam.

Our team in Central Asia is focused on working to facilitate multiplication of disciples and disciple making groups and developing medical outreach and businesses for transformation. Anyone who joins our team would be learning principles of disciple multiplication, and be expected to spend significant time in prayer - focused both on worship and intercession. They would also have several language lessons per week learning Tajik (similar to Farsi), and would have a variety of opportunities to join in prayer walks, village visits, and other efforts to build relationships and seek those who are open to hearing more about God’s redemptive plan through Jesus.

The clinic opened in 2011, and God has blessed with expansion and a great staff community which includes a combination of Tajiks and foreigners, believers and non-believers. It is primarily an eye clinic – the primary referral center for several blinding eye diseases, but we also have pediatrics and primary care. In the past, volunteers have primarily worked on the eye care side doing patient work-ups and interacting with patients. There is also opportunity for exposure to the primary care side of the clinic, and physical therapy work with handicapped children. Due to recent restrictions, more time may be spent on home visits outside the clinic than in the clinic itself.

One of the most valuable things GoCorps workers have done has been inputting into the lives of the clinic staff, about 4 of the 20 are believers and the rest are non-believers. Besides the medical work, in the past GoCorps workers have been involved in sports outreach, business projects and media projects depending on interest. Building relationships outside the clinic, inviting people into discipleship relationships, and reading the Word with them, is also expected.


Although we would love to have some fully trained specialists to open new medical specialties, such as neurology, endocrinology, and others, we realize that GoCorps would be working with primarily new college grads and there are many opportunities for those with medical interests who do not yet have extensive medical training.

For those with medical interest but little training, skills needed for assisting in the clinic can be taught on-site.

For interested people, the possibility of clinic research is also available.

Some of the keys to thriving on our team have been flexibility, teachability, and intentionality in building relationships.

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