Marketing Manager for EsperanzArt

Ecuador is a beautiful and diverse country in the northwestern part of South America along the Andes Mountains. It is a democratic republic and a developing country dependent on its commodities such as petroleum and agricultural products. Spanish is the official language and is spoken by the majority of the population, though 13 Amerindian languages are also spoken, including Quichua and Shuar. Poverty, oppression and lack of education continue to be significant issues in this third world country. These factors place women, especially those who are single mothers, at risk for being pulled into the sex industry. An additional factor is that prostitution is legal in Ecuador at the age of 18. The average age for entering prostitution is 15. Ecuador is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced prostitution and forced labor. The majority of trafficking victims are believed to be women and children trafficked within the country from border and central-highland areas to urban centers for commercial sexual exploitation, as well as for involuntary domestic servitude, forced begging, and forced labor in mines and other hazardous work. End Slavery Ministries Ecuador offers hope, freedom and future through relational ministry, intentionally and respectfully, helping youth and families at risk experience the transforming power of life in Jesus Christ, impacting at all levels to decrease modern day slavery, poverty and oppression. Through the unique expression of ESME's ministries, we provide hope, purpose and freedom specifically to women and their children who have been rescued from the sex trade and/or vulnerable situations so they can experience emotional, physical and spiritual healing and discover their value and purpose as daughters of the King. Our vision is to walk the journey of “long and deep” with each young woman. Healing and being equipped for future success takes time and hard work. The four ministries of ESME are Casa Adalia (next step holistic training home), EsperanzArt (vocational workshop to provide professional and life skills development for young women who have escaped vulnerable situations), Caminos de Libertad (non-residential program with same mission as Casa Adalia), and Amadas (outreach to women working in Prostitution). As the Marketing Manager of EsperanzArt you would provide on-site support at the workshop that includes facilitating professional development and training and instilling EsperanzArt values and standards of excellence. You would also manage wholesale marketing and communication with buyers in the United States and Ecuador, as well as coordinate event sales and collaborate with other organizations to promote sales.


- Proficient in Spanish - Understands the vulnerability of the women in our care and keeps strict confidence of their stories except for sharing with the Director and staff as needed - Flexible and able to adapt when plans change - Has effective communication skills: spoken, written, social media - Able to motivate others to respond to the mission of ESME and EsperanzArt. - Is a good team player who works well with people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures and can effectively lead and work in collaboration with others - Able to facilitate moral, spiritual and educational development out of own authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ - Capable of effectively navigating and managing financial systems - Minimum of one year working in a role requiring marketing skills, preferably with women at risk.

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