Local High School ESL Teacher

This people group has worshipped their ancestors through the ages, and have added in some Daosim, Buddhism, and folk religion to find their hope and meaning. If you ask them, "Do you know Jesus?" you would likely hear, "What is that?" They are harmonious people, adjusting and changing with the majority culture in order to keep up with the breakneck modernization happening in their country. But they still value their own culture. While their language is unwritten, their culture is preserved and passed down by epic songs. Right now, no one from this 1 million+ people has the opportunity to worship God in their own language and culture. But you can help change that!

All previous gospel efforts have relied on literate methods to unfold God's story: pamphlets, systematic theology, western-logic based studies and presentations. These communication styles hardly resonate with how this people group thinks and communicates, let alone possibly be transferable. Anything of heart and identity value is communicated orally. So instead, our team is pursuing an oral Bible that is content-accurate in their language. We have already created 70+ oral Bible stories, and have back-translated about 15 of them which ensures linguistic and content accuracy. But this people group needs more people to tell them about Jesus! They can know and worship their King and Creator in their own language, communication style, and culture; and you can be a part of this breakthrough!

Your contribution as a high school ESL teacher would enable you to participate meaningfully in the community. You will have much independent time to deliver your lessons, carry out various school responsibilities, and develop local ministry through contacts at the school and in the community. The teaching experience will be very different when compared to western standard's you will most likely expect more from the students and school regarding their seriousness to grow in English language proficiency. Even though the majority of your interaction will be with majority culture people, you will be living in an area surrounded by our minority people group. Opportunities abound for those who plunge into learning more about the culture and language. Connections to families and villages will abound when living intentionally. There could be opportunities to organize weekend youth sports activities and/or learn the people group's heart language so as to share the gospel and make disciples.

  • Minimum 2 years teaching experience; this can be creatlvely combined from past experiences.
  • ESL/TEFL/TOEFL experience, certification highly welcomed.

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East Asia
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