IT, Web, and/or Mobile App Development for Muslim Outreach

Known for it's sunny beaches and relaxed Spanish atmosphere, the Costa del Sol of southern Spain is a popular vacation spot for tourists from around the world who come looking for a good time in the sun, the sand and the sea. A historically Catholic nation, most Spaniards are now only Catholic in name and tradition, and many don't see a need for God in their life at all. Vast areas in Spain have no evangelical witness. The need for the gospel to reach this country is great. However, while we live, work and do ministry in Spain, our main focus of outreach is to a neighboring closed country where 99.9% of the population lives in spiritual darkness and "changing your religion" is a punishable offense. Goers in this position will join a multicultural team of missionaries and national partners in southern Spain. We spread the gospel through media into limited-access countries where we cannot physically witness as missionaries, and Spain, our host country, with the goal of turning hearts and minds to the truth of Christ. We do what we do so that local, national churches are started, and that the national church network is equipped to sustain that growth. Video cameras, servers, edit stations, sound equipment, web design, app development, social media; a media center heavily depends on the use of technology. In the IT track, you will be an integral part of the team facilitating a media outreach strategy through any of: web design, mobile app development or the numerous technological challenges of video production.


We are looking firstly for someone who can commit to the vision, secondly is a good learner, and lastly is proactive in helping others and problem solving. We are looking for someone with experience or interest in learning in any of the following areas -Windows Server/Desktop/Active Directory -Synology -Ubiquiti Wifi -Linux Server -OSX -Apache/SQL -Node/PHP/Java/Objective-C Ours is a media-based outreach ministry which provides a lot of opportunities to exercise the engineer's mind.

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