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Bulgaria is a wonderful, beautiful, and fascinating country in the southeast corner of Europe. For millennia, it has been the transportation neck connecting Europe to Asia, Africa and the Middle East, a crossroad and melting pot for people from the entire eastern hemisphere. There is much to love about this postage stamp size country. Home to ten UNESCO World Heritage sites, the variety of historical, cultural and natural beauty would keep even the most ardent fan busy for a lifetime. The Bulgarian people are warm, hard working, and especially kind to foreigners, as they consider it a duty to care for strangers in their midst. Bulgarian culture is rich in tradition, their cuisine simple yet delicious, and Bulgarians never tire of sitting with friends over a cup of coffee or tea.

Yet the needs in this country are vast. Communism devastated Bulgarian society. In the post-communist era, the country has struggled to right itself and advance into the 21st century, but resource shortages, flight to countries offering better life opportunities, and crumbling local institutions have left Bulgarians facing many serious social and economic problems. Bulgaria is the poorest country in the European Union, with average wages only half those of the next poorest country, and less than 20% of the EU average. Schools are failing. The healthcare system is falling apart. Ninety percent of Bulgarian children are what we in the west would describe as "at risk."

In the midst of these social problems, Christians have an opportunity to demonstrate how to live transformed lives committed to following Jesus. Our vision is to bridge the gap between local churches and Bulgarian society at large. Our strategy is to live and work among Bulgarian people in such a way as to demonstrate how following Jesus leads to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. We have learned through experience that the best way to earn the right to be heard is to walk in the shoes of your audience and respond to what they experience each day. Our embedded servants are foreigners and Bulgarians who use their full time secular positions as a platform to proclaim the gospel.

Are you an IT specialist keen on professional development combined with an opportunity for active Christian outreach? Do you like adventure? Do you have what it takes to be a witness for Christ in a foreign land? If so, then this just might be the position for you.

Note: This position may lead to an offer of full time regular employment in Bulgaria after your two years of service, and is definitely the kind of experience that would look great on your resume if you eventually return to the USA.



University degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting or IT

Experience in accounting role is a strong advantage

Previous experience as a consultant or user of Microsoft Dynamics or other ERP solution

Knowledge and understanding of the main business processes

Very good command of English

Strong customer orientation

Well-developed communication skills

Readiness to work in a dynamic environment

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