International Student Worker in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a beautiful country in South East Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering Greece, Turkey, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, and the Black Sea. “Balkan” means wooded mountain and Bulgaria is filled with beautiful mountains, fruitful valleys, and a beautiful seaside. Bulgaria’s unique location places it at the crossroads between Europe and Asia and this is reflected in its beautiful and complex culture. The Bulgarian people are highly relational and very hospitable. Most are nominal Orthodox Christians with significant and growing portions of the population that are either Muslim or Atheists. The evangelical community is rather small in Bulgaria and is viewed as a cult by most of the population.

Currently there are over 16,000 international students from all over the world studying in Bulgarian universities and this number is growing quickly. Many of these students come from cultures or families where the gospel of Jesus has not been shared. However, their experience as foreigners makes them open for discussions about faith. Unfortunately, the churches of Bulgaria have not yet been able to do much to reach these students.

We are seeking young men and women who would help us reach out to these students with our iConnect Bulgaria program. This includes a few small group gatherings each week where students can make a home away from home and discuss important issues as well as have opportunities to investigate the teachings of the Bible. This also includes one-on-one meetings with students to build relationships and to make disciples of Jesus.


Self Starter, enjoys meeting people, out going, gifts in hospitality are useful

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