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Romania is the largest country in South-East Europe. It borders Bulgaria to the south, Ukraine to the north, Serbia and Hungary to the west and the Black Sea & Moldova to the east. Its hospitable and friendly people are spread across the country living in large cities or villages, on the seashore, plains, hills or mountains. Coming out quite recently from under communism, people love the idea of democracy which they have tried hard to obtain and maintain in the country. Despite the atheist propaganda of communist times, the strong Orthodox religious background, and postmodern influences from the West, young people in Romania are searching for purpose and truth. The national IFES movement in Romania, Organizaţia Studenţilor Creştini Evanghelici din România (OSCER), was recognized by the government in 1999. But OSCER has a longer history of students sharing the gospel with their friends, even during communism. The main focus over the past years has been on reaching Romanian students with the Gospel and we have a lot of encouraging stories to share. However, with more and more long-term international students coming to the main University Centers to study Medicine, Engineering, Computer Sciences etc., as well as many short-term Erasmus students in our midst, there arose a desire to begin an International Student Ministry (ISM). Since the beginning of 2018 a small ISM group has been formed in Bucharest and other initiatives around the country have been encouraged. As the needs in the field exceed what can be done, OSCER is looking for help in reaching more International Students. Most of the students coming here speak English, even if some will learn the Romanian language in order to study. So if you can read this you are at least 50% qualified to join us in Romania in reaching these International students! The exciting thing is that most of these students come from countries closed to the Gospel and after studying they will return home! How great to be involved in equipping missionaries to go back home and be ambassadors for Christ, in many places that you could never go! Goers in this position will help to share the Gospel among Romanian students, through both pioneering work among international students and in helping smaller city groups to grow.


adaptable to new contexts; student work experience (national as well, not necessarily with Internationals); experience in leading small groups/ Bible studies (evangelistic ones for non-Christians, as well as for discipleship/spiritual growth)

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