International School Teacher - India

This is a position to teach in an international school in the foothills of the Himalayas. The teacher would assist the team leaders in local relationships and allows them to expand relationships into more areas. The teaching opportunities are direct opportunities to share Divine Love with those in the community with a legitimate job as a teacher.

A Homeroom-Teacher is appointed not only as the academic leader for a particular grade level in most core subjects in Elementary School, but also as the overall care provider for students in all areas of their growth. The relationship and role is as pastoral as academically professional. Through the course of the academic year, students spend most of their time growing and learning with their Homeroom Teacher. This role expects all the parts that go into being a homeroom teacher, such as planning, implementing, delivering, supporting, scaffolding, assessing, reporting and feedback.

The Opportunity a) To come alongside a vision, not just a job. b) Spearheading a truly international start-up school in India c) Serving and impacting multi-faith student and parent body d) Healthy & meaningful community

Unique Proposition a) An international school & curriculum with a multicultural community b) Focus on Mentoring and Discipleship c) Teaching small classrooms d) Growth and development focused

Work Culture/Environment a) Intentional focus on helping all personnel of HIS thrive b) Culture of taking ownership of the vision c) An international and diverse culture d) Excellence Driven e) Growth Mindset

The school is looking for a) Vision, Heart and Call b) A strong connect with the vision, mission and values of the school c) A clear conviction/calling of serving through education d) A heart to serve, develop, grow and influence

Technical and Education a) A deep passion and love of teaching and working with Elementary School kids b) Basic educational background either through hands on experience or formal training c) Studied or taught (at some point or the other) in a western or international setting is preferred

Work Ethic a) Committed and reliable b) Integrity and honesty c) Team Player and adaptable d) Teachable attitude e) Good communicator f) Servant-hearted


Bachelors Degree
Must enjoy being around groups of children and be willing to manage a class.
Basic “adulting” skills would also be helpful- managing basic finances, paying rent to a landlord and being willing to learn how to take public transit and book flights and train tickets independently.
We highly encourage BIPOC and those with multicultural background to apply.

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