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This tiny speck of a country packs a big punch. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in unusual landscape, especially geological features. Although this region is one of the hottest, most barren areas of the world, few countries offer such unusual landscapes – salt lakes, extinct volcanoes, sunken plains, limestone chimneys, basaltic plateaus and majestic canyons. Outside of the capital city, the country is refreshingly devoid of large-scale development. Goers who love outdoor adventure will find plentiful options for superb hiking, diving, kite-surfing, and snorkeling. This nation, made up mostly of Somali (60%) and the Afar (35%) peoples, is exclusively Muslim. In fact, these local ethnic groups were among the first Africans to accept Islam. Many of these people continue to lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle, traveling around the desert with their camels, goats and sheep. Medical and educational resources are still very scarce. In addition, a burgeoning refugee population desperate for work strains an already poor economy. But people need Jesus more than social and economic security, for there are very few followers of Jesus in this country. Goers will join a dynamic team that is starting to see fruit after many years of patient labor. The team runs an English language institute that has a very strong positive reputation in the country and local government. The institute’s classes and services have been a powerful practical demonstration of the love of Jesus and have opened doors of influence. Goers will teach English at various proficiency levels and build appropriate relationships with students, taking opportunities to share life and the gospel.


Minimum TEFL or other similar certification Flexibility Work well in a team environment Willing to help out in other areas of ministry if needed

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East Africa
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