Information and Communication Technology Specialist

Papua is the easternmost province in the vast archipelago of 15,000 islands that make up Indonesia. As the second largest island on the planet, Papua boasts the largest gold mine and the second largest copper mine in the world and spectacular wildlife and natural beauty. But it is not only natural resources that make Papua rich, it is the welcoming and generous people, rich cultural heritage, and more than 250 unique languages make it truly a paradise.

Despite its natural wealth, Papua has traditionally lacked other critical resources. Basic infrastructure, modern health care, and education are woefully absent. Many Papuans feel marginalized. There are many needs in Papua.

The Papua Hope Language Institute works in the need of education. We are striving to develop students academically, spiritually, and culturally so that students can go and study in a post-secondary setting. Our vision is that students will return to Papua to become the next generation of leaders. We hope that Papua will one day have an incredible educational institution that will match the incredible natural and human resources that has made Papua the incredible land it has been for generations.

Papua Hope schools have a growing need for an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Specialist to help manage our technology and communication infrastructure as well as participate in the planning and design-support for our new campus's ICT infrastructure and processes. The ICT Specialist will be tasked with responsibilities such as network administration, cloud-tool access management, computer troubleshooting, technology equipment procurement, and more.

As Papua Hope is located at the grid-edge, the ICT Specialist will gain valuable skills for remote communication spanning the use of VSAT technologies, UPS systems for frequent power outages, and the like. The ICT Specialist will be mentored by an ICT team from a partnering missionary organization with deep expertise in ICT (who has just built a new ICT support and training center near our campus, for country-wide ICT support).

If needed, the ICT Specialist may also be asked to contribute in the classroom (through guest lecture or as an instructor) as a part of our computer technology course sequence, in our college prep program, working with recent high school graduates preparing for college in the US.


Information and Communication Technology related degree (examples include, network administration, etc.)

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