Industrial Engineer

Life on a tropical island in Southeast Asia might conjure up an illusion of being idyllic. But for the millions on this island who live on only $2 per day, the struggle for survival can be overwhelming. In order to augment rural incomes, our team has developed technologies and processes to make dried tropical fruit product (mango, papaya, pineapple, bananna). The quality of the dried fruit has improved, total production costs have dropped, and total productivity has increased.

Because of our efforts, the product has found a place on local and international supermarket shelves and sales have increased consistently for several years. But more work remains! Improving production procedures will enhance productivity and developing market channels will enhance the growth of the industry.

This business makes a significant impact in the community. Without this opportunity, the women who work here would be making gravel by hammering rocks into small pieces or making roofing tiles, which are hot and dirty jobs and too physically demanding for the elderly. Our innovations allow these women to buy more nutritious foods for their children and enable them to pay for education to give their children a better future. They are able to work with their neighbors and develop closer relationships in their community. These women have hopes and dreams for their families and for themselves and are grateful to be able to turn them into reality through working with our team.

Apply your skills to real-world problem-solving in this tropical nation. Under the supervision of experienced leaders, Goers will work to address poverty, create value, and enhance the welfare of individuals, groups, and communities in the context of agribusiness. Goers in this position will be a project consultant for facility design and construction of new production and training facilities that 1) attain a higher standard of manufacturing practice and hygiene, and 2) create an environment where village residents can acquire skills and perspectives necessary to become reliable partners in food production. The role involves the design of the facility, the construction of the facility, and the setup and initial operation of the facility.

  • Engineering skills and experience are required to properly execute this role, which is directed at the design of the facility, the construction of the facility, and the setup and initial operation of the facility.
  • Significant cross-cultural experience is highly beneficial, although not required.
  • Flexibility, adaptability, a team spirit, a noble-hearted calling to serve, and physical endurance are a must.

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South East Asia
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