Immigrant Youth Sports Outreach

In recent years, a massive migration of people from the least-reached world to Europe has created urban villages in the midst of large cities. These urban villages contain large pockets of people who still maintain their language, customs, traditions, and social networks from their county of origin. This phenomenon makes it possible to share Christ with people from countries where it is difficult to enter as a missionary, while in the freedom of a European city. This ministry can touch not only the individuals with whom they have direct contact, but also their extended families, tribes, and villages halfway around the world inside of closed contexts.

In the multicultural city of Birmingham, Muslims make up almost a quarter of the city's one million people. Pakistanis, Bengalis, Yemenis, Afghanis, Iranians, and Indonesians seek to maintain their cultural and religious identities, creating a great divide between Muslims and Christians.

Goers will join a team of cross-cultural workers, many of whom served in the origin countries of these people groups, that have begun to 'move in' to the predominately Muslim areas of the community to bridge the cultural divide and allow Christ's light to shine as they live incarnationally. The team seeks to reach Muslims through kids clubs, sports groups, moms and tots groups, university outreach, and men's drop in centers. Through these interactions and community building programs, team members can share Christ's love in a natural and easy going way with their Muslim neighbors.

Goers will work alongside the existing team in building, coordinating, and running soccer clinics, intramural leagues, and other competitions for children and youth in immigrant communities. Through soccer, and possibly other sports, Goers will build relationships and share the gospel, both inside and outside the program.


Background/experience playing or coaching soccer

Criminal background clearance for working with children and youth

Team player

Heart for youth of the majority religion

Flexibility and adaptability

Recognition that weather and environment might affect ministry

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United Kingdom
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