Hospital Chaplain Volunteer

This position is located in the Metropolitan area of Colombia, including Medellin and it’s 9 surrounding cities. Medellin has a cool but warm climate, with rainy and dry seasons and an average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit most of the year. The surrounding Andean mountains and the altitude affect what could be a tropical climate, so close to the equator. The city has a population of 2,569,000. The culture surrounding the Catholic church in Colombia has created a space for misplacement of moral and ethical values. There is much need on a spiritual level in many Colombian families: they face division, infidelity, sexual brokenness, and addiction. On a sociocultural level, there is much polarization- very noticeable social classes. 27% of people do not earn enough to cover their basic needs. 10% of people endure extreme monetary poverty.

Medellin is filled with people who are kind, though hesitant to trust. Open evangelism is not permitted in Colombia, but this position offers a chance to minister in tangible ways. This ministry began in 1995 with chaplain work. It’s been around for 27 years, and now offers psychological and spiritual help to sick people in hospitals, maternity clinics, and elderly homes. In this track, the Goer will work as an assistant chaplain and help develop the community in several different areas.

Goers will also live with a Colombian family and work with a local church. Trainings outside of ministry will occur every week where our Goers take Spanish classes, participate in workshops with their cohort, and learn practical ministry tools to better equip them for their ministry settings.

Main ministries:

Elderly home- Spend time with the elderly, including: reading, listening, accompanying, and helping with manicures and hairdressing if able.

Hospital- Spend time with patients, for example: visiting, accompanying, playing board games, chatting, and reading to them.

Maternity clinic- Accompany mothers before, during, and after birth: listening, sharing, praying, and being present.

This position will also likely include work on the more holistic side of ministry: Medical consultations, nutritional education, spiritual accompaniment, visiting homes and families of patients, and some short trips for Health Brigades (service oriented visits within the city or outside, possibly working with indigenous groups).


•A little Spanish (B1 preferred)

•Willingness to serve in the midst of hospitals and communities

•It would be excellent if they had an interest in an area of medicine

•Possessing abilities to help with Community and Health Brigades such as: first aid, haircut/barbering, nursing, art, music, theater, etc.

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