Himalayan Foothills Adventurer

In the mysterious foothills of the Himalayas live mountain peoples who have remained relatively isolated from the rest of the world for centuries. The name of Christ has never reached many of these villages, which have no believers and no one intentionally trying to reach them. Extreme high altitudes (10k-16k ft) where normal cars sometimes cannot go have historically restricted the spread of the gospel. However, hiking, biking, and 4WD adventurers can help to discover these hidden villages, open new relational doors, and share the love of Christ. Although they are deeply rooted in Buddhism and animism, their spiritual sensitivity is a gateway for His unconditional love. This team needs Goers who are willing to live in minimal/wilderness conditions to develop pathways to building relationships with undiscovered villages of people who have never heard the gospel. In a typical month, Goers will make at least one trip out of the city to spend a week or so in these very remote villages (1-2 day journey by bus). During these trips, Goers will form and grow relationships with villagers—laying the groundwork for long-term discipleship and growth of indigenous churches. During non-travel weeks, Goers will spend time in the city learning language, building relationships with nationals to share the gospel, and assisting with an outdoor adventure company. This company provides holistic training in the form of a small fitness studio in the city and mountain-based treks.


Flexible - Schedules and plans change frequently and sometimes drastically. The ability to keep moving forward in the midst of environmental changes is a critical trait people must have here. Self-starter — able to find or make opportunities for relationships, language learning, etc. Self-motivated — perseverance and diligence in accomplishing tasks, studying language, etc. Adventurous — willing to test and be tested by the unfamiliar Relational — It’s all about people! Wilderness Preparedness (optional, but extremely helpful) — Although food, water, and shelter are readily available in many places, it’s also common to lead groups at high altitude, live in tents, cook over a wood fire, and drink hand-filtered stream water. You won’t always be “roughing it,” but being mentally and physically ready for these situations is an asset.

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Himalayan Foothills East Asia
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