High School English Class in the Amazon

Located in the lush jungle mountains of the central Peruvian Amazon, the Yanesha people live in over 40 rural communities. Although they were reached by Wycliff missionaries in the 60s, the spiritual awakening experienced by that generation has faded and the Yanesha churches are small and elderly. It has little to offer or attract the next generation. Our prayer is that the church would not die with its founders. It is a pivotal time in the lives of this next generation. Their world and exposure to it is changing quickly with the recent arrival of electricity, and this team is looking to prepare them with the Truth and wisdom needed to be ready for these impending changes that “modern society” will usher in.

Many of the children and youth desire to learn English, recognizing the value it has now as well as in their futures, which makes now the key time to teach them in a gospel-centered way. We see English as a strategic way to continue engaging students, developing discipleship-focused relationships, and sharing the Gospel. Goers will have the opportunity to develop English lessons and teach at three local high schools, as well as several local elementary schools. We are free to share the gospel in the classroom and see this is a strategic opportunity to speak truth over their lives! We have also started an English Club several afternoons a week, which Goers will have the opportunity to lead and help develop further.

Use your passion for teaching English to connect with students, help prepare them for the future, and revitalize the local Yanesha church!


Ability to design and facilitate English language learning for various age groups ESL or TESOL certification or background Teaching degree required. Experience desired. Mature and flexible Christian with a servant heart who works well under authority and on a team A passion for working with children and youth. Enjoys travel and adventure - lots of dirt roads. Some Spanish skills and/or a willingness to study further if needed.

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