French International Campus Ministry

Do you like cheese? How about chocolate? Do the mountains inspire you to think bigger and to climb higher? Along with these fun things, Switzerland is known for being neutral and for having good clocks, but these are just stereotypes and there’s a lot more to discover about Swiss culture underneath the surface. Want to discover it for yourself? Why not consider becoming a part of a team reaching out to international students in Lausanne?

Lausanne is the 4th largest city in the country of 8 million people. It’s located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva and is home to two major universities with thousands of international students. Although the students can study in English, they often struggle to feel at home in Switzerland, and our team tries to welcome them and give them a place to belong. By befriending internationals, we also get the opportunity to share the gospel and see many students become more open to faith or even become Christians!

Although there are so many students, it can sometimes be hard to access them without being a student oneself. We are looking for Goers who love making new friends and creating welcoming cross-cultural communities. A practical way to do this is to become a French-language student at the University of Lausanne in the French as a Foreign Language School that is filled with other non-native French-speaking international students. It’s an exciting opportunity to befriend people from all over the world as well as to learn French for the practical day-to-day living in Lausanne.

In your free time, you can discover the beautiful mountains and lakes on the excellent Swiss transportation system and why not take a new international friend along with you? After all, how beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news! (Isaiah 52:7)


Able to make friends from different cultures, being friendly and welcoming, good time management skills, French language is a bonus, but not required. EU passport is a plus, but not required.

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