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Entrepreneurship Project Assistant

Djibouti is a unique context for life, work, and ministry. Djibouti lies at the crossroads of Asia and Africa. This multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic, blend of Muslims from the Horn of Africa has a strategic location along the entrance to the Red Sea and major shipping lanes. Being relatively peaceful in comparison with neighbors Somalia, Yemen, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, Djibouti has been able to make strides in economic and social development over the last 20 years.

Djibouti’s linguistic struggles are a primary area of development aid and partnership for this team. As a francophone country in the midst of economic partners who use English, employers, government, and development actors are looking to strengthen linguistic competence in English. This, together with the lack of quality educational institutions prompted the government to request this team to launch the International School of Djibouti (ISD) with assistance from a couple of other non-profits. ISD is the main project in the country and serves as a launching place for staff volunteers to make forays into other sectors of the population as well. One of the new endeavors by the team is an entrepreneurial business program.

Applicants who join our team will be exposed to both work and ministry opportunities. Part of your time will be given to participating in business development, training others in the principles of entrepreneurship, and aiding in the development of this team's Djibouti business development and growth project through marketing and communications.

You’ll receive training in development, language learning, culture, and cross-cultural ministry from our country leaders once in Djibouti, as well as extensive pre-field training.


Bachelor’s degree or higher – liberal arts, business, accounting, finance, marketing, public relations, mass communications, English

Familiarity with utilizing social media for marketing

Desire to grow in business and business development

Knowledge of and ability to teach business principals

Corporate work experience

Passion for working in a pioneering context

Adaptability is a must

Good grip on spiritual disciplines

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